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introducing connections

CONNECTIONS – Culture & Communication is an advertising company established in 2003, in Patras, western Greece. The firm with the corporate form of a partnership, is based in Patras, 5 Gerokostopoulou Street.

Its establishing causation, is involved with the common finding concerning a certain deficiency of an integrated service provider firm in the field of advertising, communication and culture under contemporary perception, terms and proposals.

Proposals which, combined with the multi-annual experience on every marketing aspect as well as a profound knowledge of the media, ensure effective and credible projection solutions.



The company’s philosophy can be summarised in one word: quality. It’s the common feature penetrating every action, every initiative of ours. Quality in our workmanship’s entirety.

In CONNECTIONS Culture & Communication, we consider every action, every movement important. Taking special care in every detail. Pitting against the easy, we never embrace the simple. We break the mould, trailblazing new frontiers.

We provide more keeping full track of the cost, establishing lifetime connections. From a simple commercial spot to the entire advertising campaign and publishing materials, from the simplest occasional event to congress and grand receptions planning, quality defines every step of the way.



 In CONNECTIONS Culture & Communication, we strongly feel companies are anthropocentric. Therefore we carefully selected our partners, the most invaluable asset of our company. Our workforce covers the entire spectrum of the advertising sector.

Responsible executives in customer care, public relations and event planning, graphic designers, copy-writers and media planners compose a creative and effective team. Our overriding concern was to create ideal working conditions fostering the team work spirit among our crew, so that creativity and productivity would be perfectly linked.

Our team of colleagues has a complete training on its subject, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the office functions.

Τhe executives of our company, are in a constant training process, keeping up-to-date with all the developments in their fields, so as to remain on the same, high level.

Needs of the changing times, require us to constantly update our communications sectors as new media are being dynamically developed. New applications, electronic media and new, alternate uses of old media form the reality nowadays.

Our firm, CONNECTIONS Culture & Communication, responds well, proving itself worthy of the ongoing challenges in its field.



The company considers a good outcome occurs through good and valid partnerships. Dozens of our carefully selected freelance associate, tried and true through multi-annual cooperation, ensure direct and responsible outputs.

Copy-writers, photographers, audio messaging producers, television productions creators, special illustrators, cartoon experts and web designers, distributors and collaborations with dozens of agencies and experts in general, allow us to suggest and implement professional and unique solutions.

It shall be noted, that the set of our external associates, collaborates with our company and its executives in a manner of special trust and preference, created through long-standing cooperation and mutual support.

Τhe firm, with the total range of links, partnerships, mutual trust and friendly relations, forms the only lobby of integrated projection and communication services in the wider region, directing its significant influence on media and social development.



CONNECTIONS Culture & Communication is active in the following areas:


A. Integrated advertising and marketing services from a simple card to a comprehensive advertising campaign strategy.

Indicatively, we mention the following collaborations:

  • Plaisio Computers AEBE (brochures creation, business campaigns, concept – creation of logo products, packaging, creative advertisement, etc.)
  • Coca Cola 3E – Marketing of Western Greece (catalogues creation – customer brochures, creation and editing of Coca Cola promotion in stores, digital prints, special constructions, etc.)
  • Technical Chamber / Department of Western Greece (creation of printed material – posters, invitations, programs etc. – for workshops, creation of record books, etc.)
  • Region of Western Greece (creation of printed material for participation in European programs and exhibitions, creation of corporate identity, etc.)
  • Eurocatering – company for the standardization and distribution of fresh fruit & vegetables (catalogue creation, concept – creation of promotional entries for the ready-made salads and salads – meals “Freskoulis”)
  • Daily Taste Catering – Food & Dinner Manufacturing Company (corporate directory and listings creation)
  • Edelweiss – confectionery factory (creation of product catalogues for wholesale and retailing, prints for “dressing up” the company’s vehicles, brochure and outdoor advertisement, etc.)
  • Galaxy Hotel (creation of a logo, corporate identity, printed matter meeting the rooms’ needs, promotional brochure, web site creation, full editing and promotion of advertising in the media. etc.)
  • Classico Store (creation of corporate identity, product catalogues, advertisement and promotion, website creation, etc.)
  • Adrias swimming pools (creation of printed material for exhibitions, corporate identity and advertising, etc.)
  • Thomopoulos tiles & sanitary items (logo creation, corporate identity, full diligence and implementation of media projection, etc.)
  • Society, Estate, Parade, Terrace, Petit (creation of corporate identity, menu catalogues, placemats, advertisement, packaging, etc.)
  • Colazione (creation of packaging boxes, menu lists, placemats, signs, website creation, etc.)

B. Cultural management


C. Integrated political advertising services from strategy development and campaign management to implementation.


D. Internet services

  • Website design – implementation
  • Promotion through google adwords, google display and Youtube. (Please note that our company features qualified, Google Partners-certified executives)
  • Social Media Marketing, creating and managing your Facebook, twitter, google+ accounts, etc.
  • Facebook campaigns


E. Event planning (inaugurations etc.), workshops, seminars, conferences and major cultural and sporting events and below the line actions. Indicatively, we mention the general planning of the TAE KWON DO world student championship, held in Patras, the Greek-Italian Symposium, the two-day preparation workshop of the Cultural Capital, the Prefecture of Achaea pavilion participation in several exhibitions, the photo exhibition on Christian worship and folk traditions on the two edges of the Adriatic as part of the FOCUSMED project (Interreg III, Greece – Italy 2000-2006), Happy Faces Awards, etc.


F. Publications (design, creation, printing) of directories, books, guides

For instance:

  • Panhellenic exhibition of architectural work catalogue (in collaboration with the Architectural Association of Achaea)
  • Proceedings of the Scientific Symposium of the Mediterranean Meeting on the Historic Cities – Mediterranean Ports and the Urban Planning Interventions in the 20th Century (in collaboration with TEE / Dept. of Western Greece and ICOMOS)
  • Tourist guide “Patras Olympic City, official guide”
  • Hotel and Accommodation guide in Achaea (in collaboration with NEA and EOT), etc.


G. Magazines publications

  • Publication of Happy Week, Patras weekly magazine.

(Free of charge distributed in 6,000 copies each week throughout the city centre, University, ATEI, cafes, youth halls, waiting rooms, clinics, cinemas)

  • Publication of g.l., Patras lifestyle magazine.

(Free of charge distributed in 5,000 copies, focusing on “good life”, interviews of well-known people all over Greece, fashion proposals, escapes, etc.)


CONNECTIONS Culture & Communication, assimilating its executives’ seventeen-year successful course and experience in local advertising and event planning while bound to the selection of associates with knowledge and appetite for creative work, forms the absolute state-of-the-art proposal in the field of communication in Western Greece.

A living organism, ready to offer efficient, contemporary and, above all, integrated services, identified with the requirements and needs of its customers.

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