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About our crew

art director

Alexis Sakellaropoulos

When asked what he does for a living, Alexis Sakellaropoulos answers, “a graphic designer”, as he graduated from the department of Graphic Design at the T.E.I. of Athens. Receiving this answer, most people regard him with an obvious look of question in their eyes: “Exactly what is this?”
The “cognoscenti” reply, “Oh, I see… you design business cards…”, at which point it became obvious that he would need to use the relevant expressions in English in order to cover a multitude of meanings: graphic designer, art director etc.
Should one wish for the equivalent in Greek, the answer would/might be “Visual Communication Designer”, which would cover it. After all, the field is a crossroad where visual arts, communication, phycology and digital technology meet.
This is the exact point where a “heavy” CV should appear but, not wishing to divulge personal info on age matters, the following turning points should be mentioned:
On the third EBGE Awards he was there to receive his own one…
In 2006, the year when Patra was the Cultural Capital of Europe, he was experienced enough to be entrusted with the Visual Communication part of the project.
Not to dwell on the past any longer… The digital age has brought back his first “love”, animation, and the social media have given him a new lease on professional life.
Since all that professional maturity and experience could not possibly go to waste, he has recently been assigned with the fulfilling task of passing them along to the younger generation as a “Master Teacher of Applied Arts” at the Delta 360 Private Vocational School.
He now responds to being called “teacher” and this is one of the most serious titles he has ever received…
Master Sifu would eat Alexis’ dust.

Graphic design & branding0%
marketing, communication & pr manager



The i-Phone is her alter ego… there’s always something to plan, always something to settle!

journalist – copywriter



What does architecture have to do with copywriting? In matters of creativity, everything…

social media expert



What would the junior of the gang be concerned with, if not social media?

event manager



Organizing any concert is a colossal task.  That’s why “the old one is different”…