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About our crew

marketing, communication & pr manager

Eleni Ntakou

Eleni Ntakou, born in Patras, Greece, founded “Connections” along with Alexis Sakellaropoulos in 2003. She has been Marketing, Communication and PR Manager ever since.

Together, they have launched and published – among others – “Happy Week” magazine, one of the first free press magazines in the western coast of Greece, widely embraced especially by young individuals, celebrating contemporary lifestyle and shaping the creative field for 15 consecutive years. They were also the first to exclusively organise and introduce Patras city to a premium, annual award ceremony, “Happy Faces Awards”, addressing a miscellaneous, eclectic audience, only paving the way for what was going to come.

Having undergone classical education in the Department of Philology, University of Athens, she is human derived, appointing the person behind the idea. With a demonstrated history in marketing, digital media and communication industry, her professional career is ranging from high-end editor, event planner and cultural executive to political campaign manager and communication specialist. Always fearless, thus prolific in forging new ground.

With a genuine passion for fostering young talent, always keen on knowing more, over the years she developed the ability to speak her mind, forming the creative yet fastidious solution to each potential project.

A constant believer, those who know her respect a passionate perfectionist streak.

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art director



Not one to be reached on the phone easily… he’s usually found between an i-Mac and a Pantone palette, if he’s not too busy rendering!

journalist – copywriter



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social media expert



What would the junior of the gang be concerned with, if not social media?

event manager



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